In   business   since   1994,   NC.   Classic   Restorations   is   located   in   Fuquay-Varina,   North   Carolina, part   of   the   Raleigh   metro   area.   The   business   is   family-owned   and   there   are   five   people   involved   in its operations. Our   shop   is   a   full   service   restoration   shop,   but   we   encourage   car   owners   to   do   whatever   work   to their   cars   they   are   proficient   at.   We   have   done   major   restoration   work   on   something   in   the   order   of   a thousand   vehicles,   ranging   from   Model   T's   to   late   model   Corvettes.   The   majority   of   our   projects   are '50's   to   early   '70's   cars   and   trucks.   The   most   popular   type   of   project   is   that   which   restores   the original   appearance   of   the   vehicle,   but   upgrades   it   with   features   such   as   modern   drive   trains,   air conditioning, power steering, disc brakes, etc. Other   projects   might   include   street   rods,   foreign   oldies,   and   mild   customs,   but   we   also   welcome partial restorations, the "little" jobs, and maintenance work on all of these classic cars. Regardless   of   the   type   of   project   we   are   working   on,   we   recognize   the   importance   of   these   cars   to their   owners,   from   the   "grandpa   bought   it   new"   heirloom   to   the   rare   "matching   numbers,   want   it perfect   "   restoration.   We   are   in   this   business   because   of   our   appreciation   of   these   old   cars,   and   we make every effort to make it show in our work.
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