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About Us
Dan   Swan   was   about   30   years   old   when   he   started   restoring   classic automobiles   as   a   profession   in   a   town   outside   of Atlanta,   Georgia,   but   his fascination   with   cars   started   long   before   that   when   Dan   bought   his   first 1964   Chevy   Impala   convertible   while   he   was   attending   classes   at   Iowa State   University   for   electrical   engineering.   He   learned   the   ropes   when   he transformed    that    Impala    from    a    rusty    relic    into    a    shiny    new    blue convertible.   When   he   graduated   college   he   met   his   wife   to   be,   Connie, and   they   moved   to   Georgia   to   start   a   family.   They   lived   in   Georgia   for   7 years   where   their   first   son   and   daughter   Stacey   and   Kenny   were   born.   In 1983,   the   family   moved   to   Raleigh,   North   Carolina   and   added   2   more additions,   the   second   son   and   daughter   David   and   Valerie.   Here   they painted   and   fixed   up   some   vehicles   while   their   young   sons   would   beg   to help   dad   work   on   the   cars,   and   here   the   boy’s   passion   grew   as   their father’s   has   when   he   was   their   age.   When   the   boys   were   old   enough   to really   start   turning   these   old   cars   into   nice   new   trophy   automobiles,   Dan decided   it   was   time   to   open   up   the   official   shop,   and   for   16   years   the Swan   family   has   been   renovating   classic   cars   together   at   NC   Classic Restorations in Fuquay-Varina.
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